Lab Solution

Lab Solution

Designed by embryologists for embryologists

The Lab solution has been designed in close cooperation with leading embryologists from all parts of the world. The result is a solution that provides a safer and more standardised environment that will assist the embryology staff to work easily and effectively in a pleasant yet technically advanced setting, where all controls are easily at hand and ergonomic design is a primary consideration.

Once in front of a Lab solution TM, the embryologist will be in control of all the procedures in an IVF cycle. The unique track and trace system Evidence ensures full transparency and keeps track of each embryo throughout the entire in-vitro process at key intervals, providing a complete record of images, scoring, determinations, environmental conditions plus media and utensils from gamete collection to embryo replacement.

All information is collected and centrally stored in a secure database for later analysis or reporting. The process data from the laboratory is stored in such a way that all information on the couple’s treatment journal is readily accessible and easy to locate from any module or networked PC .

Evaluation of all IVF procedures for either a single patient or comparison between patients, providing a powerful tool for quality control, process improvement and personnel training. All records can be copied to a central LIMS system, backed up on DVD and archived to meet regulatory requirements.